What is the Median Income Escorts Make in a Day

There are three groups of escorts: those that earn too much, those who earn medium wages, and those who barely earn enough money. The amount of money an escort earns per day depends on an array of factors including the kind of services she offers and whether the is willing to push her boundaries to accommodate some few randy clients:

What is are the average earnings per day in London?

Based on the figures confirmed by a “retired” London escort, an average escort anywhere in the city makes about £1,000 per night but that’s only the case if she did a few private domination weekends with clients. If she had sex with a client with no “specials” on top of it, she could make about £400 per night. If the day included a stay in a brothel – we mean the lowest class brothel you can ever find in London – she could make about £300 a night. But she met a few nice clients in those brothels. Some clients even tipped her generously. If we put these into consideration, we are looking at wages in the region of £400.


Outcalls have the lowest average pay but that’s partly because they, in most cases, don’t involve anything beyond accompanying the client to a trip or wherever he might want to go. Such outcalls fetch between £20 and £120 an hour. The longer you stay out there with the client, the higher the earnings.

Worst scenarios

Escorts often go home with peanuts even after performing seemingly well-paying services. One of those services is massaging, especially if it is delivered in a brothel. Such massaging sessions can fetch an escort between £35 and £120 for the whole 30 minutes or 1 hour it would last. If you are a beginner in this segment, you take home a paltry £20 or even less.

Call girls

Call girls require special mention because their job is akin to straight prostitution. They are some of the best-paid escorts in London. The hourly earnings of a call girl seldom slip outside £2,000 – £10,000 brackets. This could be because celebrities and rich folks prefer them to a regular escort.
The amount of money an escort is capable of earning in a day depends on an array of factors including the location and what the escort is willing to offer. It doesn’t mean, however, that low priced brothels are less classy.

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